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Corporate, stylish, great user experience and conversion – we undertake full website commissions either as Trusted Trade Design or under our parent web design agency. Our experience delivering trade design in combination with other agency work makes our corporate web design services highly versatile and an ideal fit for almost any industry sector.

Highlights of Corporate Web Design

Corporate Web Design
Corporate Website UX Design

1st Class UX Design

We help organizations use the web to communicate their missions, drive sales opportunities and retention through giving the very best user experience possible. Many agencies out there have great exposure in dealing with consumer product communication, but not all great brands are B2C.

Our work is designed to set the right tone for your particular business sector. User Interfaces which are clean, easy to navigate and win business, yet powerful enough to facilitate good data management that meets your corporate responsibilities.

Great design inspires users to take action!

Industry Standard WordPress CMS

We develop websites using WordPress, the industry standard content management system. The power and flexibility of WordPress means a site can be tailored to deliver the functionality and style to suit any enterprise.

Our development team continually review best practices to ensure a first class service for our clients. The latest technologies we use make page management easy and visually rich. So, whether it is a member of your internal team or if you prefer to hand content management over to us, website maintenance is efficient and most cost effective.

WordPress CMS

Regional & Multilingual Considerations

Many companies these days have a requirement for some form of regionalisation on their website, whether its multi-locations related to the domestic market or for an international audience. Again, WordPress is the idea platform. Regionalisation can come in many forms, from branch finders to subsites, regional redirects, multilingual support, and translation.

Our development team has every based covered if your business has a requirement for regionalisation.

Deep Content & Restricted Access Pages

The main differentiator between a regular and corporate web design is often the corporate website not only needs to hold a vaster amount of content, but for that content to be easily maintainable, sometimes with complex security restrictions.

WordPress is the ideal content management system to build a site which can scale to in-depth pages and cataloguing, including knowledgebases, technical documents, and digital downloads. We can help build a page structure where content can be restricted based on varying permission levels, or completely locked away to form an intranet for internal staff.

Rich Media

A great addition to our web design services is web ready rich media photography delivered by our Trusted Photography division.
We have been a Google Street View Trusted Agency since 2012 shooting 360 photography. Virtual tours are an ideal showcase for most businesses. They are also a powerful asset for the corporate sector as an internal tool for training, sharing with clients or dealing potential investors, particularly when overseas.

Drone photography is the most recent addition to our portfolio. Drone photography is perfect for bringing a corporate website alive whilst maintaining a balance of sophistication.

Cloud Web Hosting

Performance Cloud Hosting

1st class hosting is critical for delivering fast websites that provide great user experience, SEO performance and conversions. All corporate websites are highly optimised and deployed using high performance hosting and content delivery networks (CDN). Businesses have varying requirements, so we take a flexible approach to hosting, from providing range of managed services to working with your team to publish to your own servers.

WordPress Hosting

Included as part of our standard fully managed service

VPS Hosting

A dedicated virtual private server, ideal if performance focused

Google Cloud

Perfect if your traffic fluctuates or for international business

Own Server

If you have infrastructure that you wish to manage internally
Corporate Website Support

Business Support

Once a site is built and published we continue to offer managed website services. This support is inclusive of our standard monthly fee.

We understand all organisations are different, so the help we provide is flexible and adaptive to individual needs. If you have an internal team managing content, we can guide them to get the most out of the WordPress CMS and assist with the sites plumbing and things of a more technical nature. If your company does not have internal resource, we can help manage content.

GDPR & Corporate Responsibility

A website is a company’s biggest, and often most scrutinised window to the world.

We can help your organisation meet its corporate responsibilities through clear and well organised page structure. We can help ensure your website meets GDPR with all relevant privacy and policy content.

Corporate Website Responsibility
Corporate Web Design Cost

Corporate Website Design Cost

So, what does a website cost? Corporate web design services cost anything from our standard web design fees up to a few thousand pounds. Many factors need to be factored in including the technical complexity, size and amount of content. All depends on your specific requirements.

Please contact us today to speak with an account manager and receive a full review and quote. If you have a brief doc pre-written, please attach.

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