How It Works

Web Design Initial Contact
2 minutes

1. Make initial contact

Take a minute to fill out our simple Get started form or give us a call

2 minutes
Approximately 20 mins

2. Website appointment call

We’ll have a chat about your business at a time suitable to you. We will ask lots of easy questions; what services you offer, colour scheme preferences, etc, but nothing technical.

Approximately 20 mins
New Website Content

3. Send over any supporting content

If you have any images or documents that will help us build a personalised site, send them over to via If you haven’t don’t worry. Often Facebook or Instagram images can be used.

1 week

4. We’ll build a website demo

Behind the scenes we will build the first revision of your new site. No need to worry about the technicalities of web design. It will typically take around a week.

1 week
Web Design Revisions
Typically 1-2 days

5. Website review and changes

If the website needs alterations it isn’t a problem. We’ll make all the changes needed until you are completely happy to set the site live.

Typically 1-2 days

6. Support and maintenance

Once the site is live we will continue to provide support free of charge. Simply email or give us a call.


How we compare

Trusted Trade Design provides a managed service, but what does this actually mean?

DIYtrusted trade designFreelances & agencies
Great for hobbyists Ideal for small business who need a professional website Ideal for businesses, best suited to eCommerce or very specific bespoke requirements
Cheap Affordable cost with a monthly fee which covers the upkeep of your website with no nasty surprises Costings can be tricky. At some point you will be billed by the hour or day, which can become expensive
Consumes a lot of time We know the small business industry sector best and make the process as painless as possible with minimal time required on your part A typical web designer won’t take their time to understand your business and the job can start to become time consuming
You will need an eye for design to get a good result Your website designed and maintained by professional designers and developers Your website designed and maintained by professional designers and developers
You will need a level of technical skill to use the development tools No technical skills required on your part The average web designer will take care of the technicalities but may tend to “not speak plain English” making things difficult
You will need to register and renew your domain and setup your own hosting We’ll take care of registration and renewal of your domain and hosting (you would be surprised how many business fail to keep services live) A web agency or freelancer may expect you to have your own web hosting space, which means you are responsible for your domain and hosting account
You will not get any help with email setup @ your domain We can help setup emails @ your domain for that professional touch Similarly, many providers will not provide a mail box at your domain and prefer you do this yourself
You will need to maintain the smooth running of your website and fix it should something go wrong! We will keep your website running smoothly with continual performance / security maintenance and perform recovery should something go wrong Just because someone has built you a website it does not automatically mean they will maintain it, see “costings can be tricky” above

How we help  in more detail

We help put the content together

The idea of knocking up a website sounds so easy, then the job of getting the words together is realised. It can be hard to write web copy. Through our phone chat and expertise, we can help construct content in a language your visitors understand.

  • Headlines and strap-lines which summarises what your business does
  • Intro and About Us paragraphs which gives a strong context to your business
  • USP’s (unique selling points) that highlight the values of your business
  • Descriptions of your services
  • Questions and answers specific to you, for example your open times / availability

We put the design together


  • A design which reflects your business in the right style and colours
  • A main page attention grabbing image, images to showcase your services and galleries of your work (where available). Images can be a combination of ones you provide and from a fully licensed quality stock library
  • Calls to action designed to get people clicking to make contact via a web form and phone
  • A fully responsive design which works equally well on computers and phones (the device most people now use)
  • We don’t charge extra for things that should be standard like image sliders, galleries and web forms

The technical: a magical black box

We differ from other providers by focusing on the needs of small business and striving to be easy to deal with. You don’t need to worry about the technical aspects of your website, freeing you up to run your business.

  • State of the art hosting and technical upkeep. In the unlikely event something goes wrong we will fix it
  • Perform basic SEO (search engine optimisation) so you site can be found on Google and other search engines
  • Help ensure your Google My Business listing is correct including the map marker, so customers can find you in local searches
  • We’ll register a www. domain in your business name and keep it renewed
  • Email at your domain name to help build professional trust. This can either forward to an existing email or setup as a mailbox and accessed directly, at no additional charge

Ongoing support

Another way we differ from other providers is we continue to support your site without billing by the hour or day.

  • We will continue to support you with free content changes whilst you are a customer
  • You won’t be forced to log in to a dashboard to make content changes yourself
  • We are flexible and aim to provide a method which best suits you including; email, phone, text and help desk
  • Access is also provided to the website dashboard, enabling you to make updates without needing to speak with us
  • Access to web analytics and contact form submissions, so you can see how your site is doing
£19 per month

Never let your website get out of date

Simply complete our callback form

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