Yes, please visit our Examples page for examples and kind words of thanks. Please Contact us for a live list of latest sites.

No, not directly. But ideas and inspiration can be taken from any website. One of the benefits of our sites is they are a professionally built using the highly flexible WordPress platform. You are not restricted to set template blocks as you might be with a self-builder or other company. Please send us links to any ideas you have via our no-obligation Get started form and we’ll take a look.

Yes, 80% of our Trusted Trade websites are built over the phone, emails and WhatsApp. Go green, the breakdown of physical location is the beauty of modern technology.

We build our websites using WordPress and the latest themes and plugins. WordPress is the most popular and versatile platform in the world and it is open source. This means it is your own professional website. This is not the case with page builders like Wix.

We will have a demo to show you after around a week from when we first have a chat. It will then take 1 or 2 days for each batch of changes necessary. Complete turnaround can be within 2 weeks, but could obviously be longer if we are waiting on things like content, images and domain transfers. It takes 1 min to fill out our no obligation Get started form.

No reputble company can promise you will be top of Google, especially for specific search terms relating to your business sector. You can expect to be able to find your site by name within a few weeks. Ranking will improve over the coming months for a wider range of terms. This can be greatly enhanced by helping us build valuable content into your site. Also ensure you have social media channels set up and the correct inbound link from directories and other sites.

Maybe. If your existing website is WordPress then it is most likely. We will require admin access in order help. If not, don’t worry. We regularly rebuild websites to be both similar to existing sites and quite different. A new website is usually the best option as it gives you the opportunity to make improvements and it will be built using the latest techniques.

All servers and websites are monitored 24 hours a day and we attend to any critical issue. We provide business hours support for user and content related queries. The easiest method is to use our support desk https://websupportticket.co.uk/ or email support@trustedtradedesign.co.uk

Website features

No. The initial number of pages is governed by the package you choose, but this number can be increased for an extra charge, please see pricing. Once the site is live we will help add extra pages for free as part of our monthly service. This is obviously subject to a fair usage policy, we reserve the right to charge extra for an excessive number of pages.

Yes, we can embed videos that you may have on YouTube or even publish them directly to your websites hosting.

Yes. Any site can be used to advertise and sell things on your pages and we can even include a PayPal button if you provide us with the embed code. However, standard sites do not support fully blown eCommerce (database of many items and payment gateways), please see below.

Yes, our XL package supports eCommerce featuring a catalogue of products and payment gateway of your choice.

Yes. If you only require a basic logo for use on your website we can help customers as part of our standard service. If a more advanced service is required such as a complex design or vector files suitable for print, please contact us for a quote.

We don’t directly provide booking form / calendars, but one of the befits of WordPress is the support for almost any 3rd party service via either a plugin or embed code.

The benefit of using a 3rd party service is choice, and if you pick the right one, it will have a good app that allows management from your mobile including receiving push notifications.

We don’t directly provide webchat, but WordPress can support almost any 3rd party service via either a plugin or embed code. The benefit of using a 3rd party service is choice, and if you pick the right one, it will have a good app that works on your phone.

Good free options include https://www.tawk.to/ and Facebook messenger customer chat, which comes with the benefit of being a service you are probably already using.

Yes. We can provide professional images from a fully licensed stock library for use on your site. If you would like to suggest certain images, the main library we use can be found at https://www.shutterstock.com/.

Stock imagery can be a great way to enhance a website, giving it that professional look. But we advise that you should also use some of your own images, as this helps authenticate your business and build trust.

No. You should have your own license to cover you for use in other projects, including social media. But Shutterstock prices are very reasonable.

Yes, we provide basic on-page SEO as part of our standard service. For more details and further advanced options please see our pricing page.

Google AdWords is not included as part of our standard service, but we can provide Google AdWords management as an additional service. Please see pricing for details.

Costs and alternatives

Maybe, but this could mean building the site yourself or sacrificing quality. A self-builder like Wix is unlikely to save money in real terms once your time and extras are taken into account. Please see how we compare within our How it works page.

Our fees are such that it is unlikely you will save money using a freelancer. A couple of things to watch out for;

1). Someone starting out as a freelancer might offer to build a cheap or even free website to get a job under their belt and build up a portfolio. In which case they will be a). practising on your site, which could affect quality, and b). often take a job and won’t be available the next time you call them. Similar can apply to mates’ rates arrangements.

2). A freelancer may have a different pricing structure which appears cheaper but may not include ongoing support once the goodwill runs out. Please see how we compare within the how it works page.

Our standard monthly fee is designed to be an affordable way to maintain the running of a website without any extra bills by the hour or day rate. Please see our pricing page for detailed info and how we compare within the how it works page.

Yes, you can leave at any time but would need to pay any outstanding balance.

After 12 months accounts revert to a 90 day notice period. You can leave at any time, but this means if you wish to leave straight away you would need to pay 3 x your monthly fee to settle your account.

Why 90 days? We have found that it typically takes at least 90 days from when someone starts thinking about leaving to getting the new solution in place.

There are many differences between the two, the main factor being we provide your own professional website built by a web designer, with Wix you will be building it yourself. There are lots of limitations with a self-builder site including you would not be able to transfer it to different hosting. Please see how we compare within the how it works page.

Wix and other self-builders allow you to build a website on their platform. They can be a great way to knock up a website without too many technical skills, but they are limited in terms of design options and SEO potential. A DIY route is more relatable to a Trusted Trade website in that it gives you a blank canvas (starting with the hosting package), to build a professional website, maybe using WordPress. But you will need a higher level of technical skill to accomplish the task.


Yes, we can set you up with an unlimited number of email addresses, either as a forwarder to an existing email address or standalone mailbox.

An advantage of an email forwarder is they are easy to setup and require no change on your part. Simply continue to use your Microsoft, Gmail, BT, Yahoo etc account. A disadvantage is outbound emails will not be from your own domain.

A mailbox will allow you to both send and receive from your own domain, but at the disadvantage of needing to be setup / change of email account you use.

No, we don’t charge extra mailboxes and the number you can have is unlimited!

The easiest way to access email at your own domain is via webmail as this requires no configuration on your devices. To access webmail visit https://www.stackmail.com/

Yes, please refer to our more in-depth guides at our helpdesk https://websupportticket.co.uk/

The mailboxes we provide are a massive 10GB each. This is enough space for almost any small business. Please see our pricing page for further upgrade options.


A UK or common top-level domain like .com is included as part of our service. Additional domains cost an extra £1 per month to cover our costs. Other domains like .builders and .cleaning are more expensive.

Yes. If it is a UK domain, please ask your existing provider to change the domains IPS tag to STACK. Please see our help desk for further information and how to transfer international domains. https://websupportticket.co.uk/.

Yes. We provide hosting accounts specially optimised for WordPress. Please see pricing for details.

Yes, at any time if no billing is outstanding, please see costs above. We will provide a database export, list of plugins and zip of your assets folder containing images. Some technical work will be required by the new host to redeploy the site.

Yes. Each individual site is monitored 24-7. Our uptime is 99.9x Our status page can be found at http://status.localexposure.co.uk/

How do I?

Making changes to your site is easy. Simply visit our support desk at https://websupportticket.co.uk/, email support@trustedtradedesign.co.uk or phone 0115 91780365

Visit your website domain /admin. If you require a username or password, please email support@trustedtradedesign.co.uk from the email address we hold for you.

Usually the best method is to watch a short video specific to the problem you need answers for. CMS (Content Management Systems) are quite involved with too many options to detail here. Please look on our help desk https://websupportticket.co.uk/ for suitable video links. For anything you can’t find email us at support@trustedtradedesign.co.uk and we’ll send a link over.

The easiest way to transfer large files over to us is via https://wetransfer.com/ to email support@trustedtradedesign.co.uk

Please contact us via support@trustedtradedesign.co.uk and we will send you a link to a cancellation form.

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